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Dates: 12 Apr

After spending a few weeks in Japan I decided to stop off in Korea to see some friends who now teach English there – Heather & Ben, I actually shot their wedding in early 2016. I did a lot of walking and spent a lot in Japan so I definitely needed a week of relaxing, catching up with my blog & journal, and some home comforts (I drank so much tea, sorry for ravaging your Yorkshire Tea supply guys).

I did go for a walk with Heather & Ben one of the days though along the coast of Jeju. Beautiful blue seas, great views of Hallasan Mountain in the distance, awesome rock formations, ending up at Samyang Black Sand Beach.

During my time on Jeju I also visited a Jimjilbang – a public bath house. The one near where I was staying with Heather & Ben was a very popular one on Jeju so I took a walk down there one afternoon. This was a strange experience for a westerner – being totally naked bathing yourself & relaxing in hot tubs around a bunch of Korean men old enough to be my dad. I was by far the youngest person there, and while I did attract some looks as I walked in the awkwardness soon faded. In the Jimjilbang there was a hot tub, a hot tub with bubbles, a cold pool, a steam room, a water-massage room where you press a button and get pummelled by water from above, and a shower area where you can scrub yourself down. All in all a very different experience to anything I’ve done before, and something I’d recommend anyone doing when in South Korea.

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