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Busan – Gamcheon Cultural Village & Haeundae Beach
Dates: 15 & 16 Apr

After my week in Jeju I flew back over to Busan for a few days before making my way back to South East Asia (Vietnam to be precise). I’m indifferent on Busan, it’s pretty difficult to get by as an English speaker as barely anyone in Korea speaks English, a lot of menus are in Korean only, lots of restaurants are catered for serving 2 or more people, and I’m also not a big fan of seafood.

My favourite part of Busan was going for a walk around Gamcheon Cultural Village though, this is the old town that has been restored in recent years to try to garner more tourism. This appears to be working as it was full of tourists when I was there. I took the subway to Jagalchi station and walked south around Gwallyongsa, up through the cultural village then ended at Daeti station. This was a fair trek but worth it, as the parts before and after the actual cultural village were very photogenic – in fact a lot of the photos here are from the walk between Nambumin-Dong and Gamcheon-Dong.

I stayed near Haeundae beach so I naturally also went for a quick stroll around there. This would be nicer in the summer I imagine but when I was here it was very foggy, which while that made for some nice photos it’s not exactly beach weather.

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